3D Product Visualization

Art + Design
Visualize a product or service in a unique and cost effective way. Save customers the hassle of shipping physical (sometimes large) products to a trade-show or event. Allow product functions and use-cases to be visualized through interactive animation rather than printed material alone.
My Contributions
Modeled and animated digital replicas of products based off of client provided materials (photos, schematics, CADĀ files)
Designed and storyboarded experience flows and worked with game engineers to bring them to life.
Worked hand-in-hand with clients to nail down project goals and specifications and ensured their needs were met.
The Challenge
Depicting a faithful recreation of a product was essential. If the 3D content was unappealing in any way, customers would be less apt to purchase. This was made more challenging by the restrictions created by the game engine. Extremely high-resolution 3D models will run poorly in real-time, but optimized models will sometimes lack important detail (especially when zoomed in). We had to strike the perfect balance of visual clarity and efficient performance.