Jobsite Comms App

Marketing + Creative Direction
Promote our communications app to our target demographic: Crew leaders in the commercial construction industry.
Highlight the software’s functionality and ease of use, driving as many leads to our website as possible.
My Contributions
Worked (remotely) with company stakeholders and the larger Marketing Team to solidify actionable strategies.
Directed and reviewed visual & written content developed by internal & external Creative Teams to ensure alignment with our company voice.
Personally designed and developed content when outside resources weren’t available.
The Challenge
The construction industry is very old-school - almost completely impenetrable to new technology.  Despite having the data to prove our product was effective, it was very hard to sell. Our biggest struggle was not getting the door slammed in our face.
When it came to crafting marketing, we had to prove we were "one of the guys".
Our messaging and imagery had to be void of any sort of squeaky-clean, corporate fluff. Appearing gritty and "real" was important. And when we did delve into a more simplified, cartoon realm, we tried to harken back to old-school cartoons from the 60s and 70s and avoid any of the modern corporate art styles.
Video Content
Videos have been the easiest way to show the app in action - content that highlights real-life use-cases and also acts to dispel misconceptions about the technology.

Using use-cases collected from our customers, as well as comments from sales and social media conversations, I designed and animated multiple different styles of videos to show the benefits of using our app and what why alternatives are lacking in the space of field communication.

Working with budgetary restrictions (and construction site permissions) meant we couldn't afford to send videographers to jobsites to film. So we'd frequently need to get creative with how visualize concepts in a way that's cost effective.

Whenever I don't edit on my own, I utilize partner companies and freelancers to get more content completed at a faster volume. I will write creative briefs, gather assets, and meet with teams to get quotes and plant out schedules in order to meet marketing deadlines.
Imagery + Branding
In the past year I've gotten very familiar with AI generation programs. Personally I prefer human-made content, but our field of study (construction workers using mobile apps and cameras) turned up lacking in the stock-photography space. And our budget didn't allow for on-site photo shoots. To produce professional looking images for our website and social media, we had to rely on generative ai to get us where we needed to go.

In addition to unifying our imagery, I would also ensure the entirety of our web presence was aligned, using the same branding and messaging.
Social Media + Ads
I work hand-in-hand with a graphic design partner to develop ads and social media imagery.

I will come up with ideas for images to work with a new ad, blog, or organic social post and then work with them to produce it.

This example is an image I made with ai + the final ad.
Swag + Print
Designed and created the art for  company swag items such as hats, stickers, and character pins. The pins in particular are our most sought after items. Very popular with both customers and trade-show-goers.

I've also developed graphics for printed material like pop-up banners, tradeshow booths, business cards, and more.