Interactive E-Learning

Creative Lead
Craft e-learning courses for teaching safety content to professionals in the commercial construction industry - reducing the amount of jobsite accidents nationwide.
Develop something fun, interactive, and memorable to drive lesson retention.
My Contributions
Managed a small team of artists, animators, and content writers (both in-person and remotely post-covid).
Quoted project hours, planned team sprints, managed Jira tickets, connected with subject matter experts to review and revise content.
Wrote scripts, developed storyboards, created art assets, and recorded voice overs.
Worked hand-in-hand with game engineers to build, test, and publish over 35 titles.
The Challenge
People hate training, especially construction workers. But employees need to engage with training for compliance purposes.
We wanted to produce training that was actually enjoyable, as opposed to the typical, dry, boring e-learning content that's commonly seen.

We did this by producing content within a videogame engine, allowing for interactive, game-like content. Based on our marketplace rating system, our courses have scored an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars among our users!
One of my main roles was to visually interpret the ideas from our research & writing team, turning those ideas into storyboards for the art team to carry out. Often I would take vague or incomplete outlines and craft a way to frame the most important visual information to ensure the user could best meet the learning objectives.
Because our content is interactive, there were many instances where multiple different choices to be created for the user to choose from. Each available option would need to be designed in a way that worked visually but didn't create complications on the engineering side of production.
Art Creation
I oversaw and managed the development of all creative content within our 3D courses. This includes Character models, props, environments, UI assets, and animations.

My leadership style centered around finding what each artist most enjoyed working on and picking up the slack on my own. I had a good relationship with the team and would enjoy both giving and receiving creative feedback on our work.

The team operated in Agile and I ran all of our planning sessions, making Jira tickets for all of the necessary task and sorting them into sprints, tracking hours, velocity, etc.

All best practices and fundamentals were documented for reference and to assist future onboarding.
Technical Specifications
There were always a set of technical hurdles our team would have to contend with. The largest being performance on mobile devices. We constantly had to ensure our art was optimized enough deliver a high framerate on all supported devices.
I lead the charge in revamping the entire 3D art style in order to increase performance by cutting hyper-real details and replacing them with more simplified and efficient textures. This not only improved performance, but cut down on overall production time.
Hard Hat Stickers
One of the ways we wanted to motivate our target audience to complete assigned training was offer a custom hard hat sticker for every course they completed. I oversaw production of the over 35 stickers that were created and designed / crafted a handful of them myself.