Promotional AR Games

Art + Design
Elevate something ordinary (toy catalog / drink cup) into a transformative experience that will get people talking and draw attention to an upcoming promotion.

Toys R Us and Culver's both wanted a fun game experience using augmented reality (AR).
My Contributions
Modeled, rigged, and animated the featured character in both games.
Modeled a handful of toys including Darth Vader, the jumping pug, Barbie, and more.
Worked as the solo artist and animator for the Culver's game + designed  the "cup opening" animation at the start of the game.
The Challenge
With AR, the biggest challenge is always performance. The Toys R Us game in particular saw the team struggle with sluggish framerates.
I proposed we try turning off all real-time lighting and that ended up giving us the performance boost we needed. I then worked with the teams update model textures to look good using an unlit shader. We went on to successfully use that same simplified art style with the Culver's skiing game.

The other challenge we faced was making sure all of our models were on-brand. When it came to making iconic characters like Geoffrey the Giraffe as well as the hottest new toys, our 3D models had to be extremely accurate.