I'm Matt Muzzy

I’m an artist and creative director based in Columbus, OH. When I'm not working (or chasing my son around the house) I enjoy writing and illustration. Storytelling is one of the artforms I'm most passionate about.

My Career

While I started off targeting the world of video games, I ended up gravitating towards advertising agencies and software companies. The journey has allowed me to work on tons of different projects consisting of fun and interesting mediums such as video, print material, mobile apps, 3D printing, interactive games, vehicles wraps, e-learning, motion controls, and more!

Over the years I've evolved from a junior artist to a team lead and finally a creative director - working with clients to establish project objectives, managing creative teams, reviewing content for quality, and ultimately ensuring projects are completed on time and on budget.

Problem Solving
3D Modeling
Game Design
Adobe Suite
Unity Engine

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